And Then, She Appeared

It’s funny, I hear it all the time: “You are SO lucky you’re a medium, you can talk to your mother whenever you choose.” I always laugh when someone tells me that; its funny to me because this has not been my experience.

My mother died in February of 2017. It was 13 days after I arrived at the hospice facility, 12 hours away from my home. I walked in her room and she was sitting straight up. She didn’t seem surprised to see me at all! I had received a call a few days before that it was time to say goodbye, so I flew out to be with her, and to my surprise I walked into the room to see her, all 85 pounds, sitting straight up in a chair next to her sister.

I was a little confused; I had seen her come to me in visions over the prior month to let me know she was going “home” (crossing over). She had lost so much weight over the previous two years but I seemed to look past it and only notice her strength. She was always a strong woman, but this was not what I expected AT ALL.

I smiled and said, “Hey, Mom!”

She stared blankly for a minute and asked me where my wife and son were. I told her that I had left them in Alabama and she laughed.

“I just saw them help you take the luggage down, are they downstairs?”

I was so confused but my aunt smiled at me and gave me a nod so I just played along. “Yes, they are down there.”

Then she (my mom) said she wanted to get her purse so we could all go out to eat; my cousin and her two sisters just encouraged her to sit back, because we weren’t going anywhere. I knew then she was living in two worlds.

The next 13 days were brutal. She was in and out of reality, and I held her hand as often as I could to let her know I was there and it was okay to go. The 7th day was difficult, it was my birthday and I grasped her hand tightly and begged her to let go. I asked her to go and be with her brother and mother who were waiting for her. Her eyes were closed tightly, she had not had consciousness for a few days, but a single tear fell from her eye and I could hear her, in my mind, clearly tell me she would not be leaving on my birthday.

She eventually passed 6 days after. On the 13th day she finally let go and went “home.” I felt her a few weeks after, and have had several instances where I have felt her so strongly that I had no doubt in my mind she was with me.

We had a … difficult relationship. My mother, she was always a vibrant and colorful woman, and I often felt she’d saved the world for so many people but often forgot me. I never felt like she loved me, that she was always seeking someone else that was better. When she died, I had so many unresolved feelings, but I also knew from our brief encounters that she did in fact love me; I could feel her pouring it to me, but I just couldn’t quite make the connections.

I have called to her several time since she has crossed over and received very little confirmation she was with me. I even thought for a while that I just could never be what she wanted, and that she must be with all my younger cousins and her sisters because I was somehow still unworthy of her love.

Fast forward to 13 months after her death: I was doing a reading for a beautiful woman. Her colors flowed into me like sugar melting into warm butter. Her energy was warm, kind and amazing. As I was doing the reading (mostly psychic stuff), I saw this woman’s mother come forward. She smiled at me and then flashed her personality at me.

She was cold, bitter, jealous and angry. I knew that her soul was at peace and that she was only signaling to me how she was as an Earth Walker. I described what I was seeing to this woman and how she was pouring her heart out to the sitter. Her love was so great it made me want to fall out of my chair, and that was when my mother appeared. I was dumbfounded, and not quite sure what to say or do. I continued to channel the mother for the sitter but my mother’s energy was so BIG, so OUTSTANDING I started to cry. The message for this woman was also the message for me. She was there in all her color and glory to tell me she loved me. They were piggy-backing off of each other with an exact message: “I pushed you and pushed you because I loved you.”

The things that were conveyed during this meeting will never leave me. I understood on a brand new level why my mother treated me the way she did. I saw movies from both the sitter’s mother and my own of their childhood, and the many things they endured in life. For the first time in my life I understood the phrase, “I did the BEST with what I had and what I knew,” more than ever. I could feel the love x2 with the sitter’s mother and my own. I conveyed the message as strongly as I could without breaking down and after the reading was over I could feel the embrace of my own mother, and I understood every part of her stubborn, mean ass better than ever.

I can feel her, and see her now. She sits at “The Bottom of My Heart,” where she used to tell me as a child she could be found if she ever died. She is there and embraces me wholly. She appeared unexpectedly and without me looking. I always wanted her love and acceptance, and for the first time ever, I have received it.

Emotions are what have prevented me from moving through some of my grief, but the woman I was reading helped me as much as I helped her by having a shared connection. It’s funny because she was referred to me by someone else that I admire and have connected to their mother on deep soul level. I felt like it was all part of a master plan to circle back around for a healing to take place between several of us.

I am deeply grateful for this experience.

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Inside The Chakras

I wanted to discuss what I see inside of a chakra. For this writing I will be using the standard 7  main chakras that most people are aware of. I have posted a rough picture at the end of this writing as an example in viewing the front and back of each chakra as far as the vertical viewing goes. I want to add that I believe to spin the chakras horizontally out into the different dimensions is also vital for spiritual growth, but for this blog I am keeping it as simple as I can, so this writing will be a focus of the vertical aspects of each chakra.

As you can see below I have listed 3 examples of the insides of a chakra. Viewing the front of the chakra I will see vortexes inside of the chakras, as well as being able to see them in the back. It can be shown to me as 4, 6, or 8 vortex and honestly I am not going to be surprised if I end up viewing up to 12, which is what I feel happens as we continue to increase our light quotient. Inside of each vortex is more information that comes via what I would call “chakra atoms”, or at least that is how they show themselves to me. I would like to mention here that each atom will bring me to particular locations in the body, more on that later.

Let us start with the vortexes. As I mentioned above they come in sets of 4, 6, 8 and probably up to 12. Each vortex in itself is information. For instance lets say I am looking at Bob’s heart chakra from the front. In it, for an example, we will say that I see 4 vortex. The first clue for me is what direction those chakras are spinning, in addition to the sounds they make as well as how fast they spin. One thing to take particular note of for me is the incoming of newer vortexes. So lets say Bob has 4 vortexes in his heart, they are all singing in unison, then I will notice 2 “newer” vortex being birthed here. It may not show as complete, but I know they are “coming in”, almost like a new tooth pushing through the gum. If I turn Bob around and view the backside of his chakra it will more than likely not match as far as what the chakra is receiving in energy. An example would be that Bob has 6 fully developed and openly spinning healthy vortexes on the back, but only 4 fully developed with 2 newer chakras coming in through the front. It seems that the vortexes develop in pairs, and I attribute this to polarities of the chakra, after all everything has polarities. Another thing to mention about the vortexes is that they may not all spin in the same direction. Or they may spin slower or faster than their counterparts. There is endless possibility and information here. A big key note is to mention that the front of the chakra and the back of the chakra are being developed at different stages, and I will explain that a bit further down.

Moving in to each vortex brings in a wealth of additional information. As I noted before there are sets of chakra atoms in each of the vortex. The information that they bring varies with what aspect of the chakra I am viewing. The front side of the chakra atoms bring me to specific areas of the physical body. So, lets say I go into one of the vortex of Bob’s heart chakra and I grab a hold of an atom. That atom will lead me to lets say the pancreas or perhaps something in the way his blood flows. If I turn Bob around and latch on to an atom of the back of his heart chakra I will be lead to one of his other bodies (emotional mental spiritual.) For this example I will use Bob’s emotional body. I take both of the clues I have now received from the atoms: Bob’s pancreas (front side) and Bob’s emotional body (backside). After I have this information I also take into account the particular vortex that I am looking at (how is it spinning? Is it moving in the right direction? Is it matching the pitch of its counter part?) Once all of my clues are selected I can add light to that atom and it will filter out into the exact spots on Bob’s physical body as well as adding additional light to whatever the other body(emotional) is included. When this is happening I can usually receive more information on the where/why aspect of the chakra vortexes/atoms. It is all basically about healing traumas or the different aspects ourselves. The work is only shown TO me by the person seeking the information, I am not actually doing anything but conveying what THEY are showing me. I say this because it is vital that each person take ownership of their own power in healing.

Early I stated that the front and back of each chakra are being developed separately. As you saw above Bob did not have the matching number of vortexes on the front as he did on the back. I do believe this is all about our interactions with them and the world, as well as the receiving of higher informations of light that come to us in various ways. I have found through my own viewing of various people and their chakras that many who are involved in spiritual works or developments have a closer match on their chakras verses people who may be more disconnected from any spiritual aspect of life.

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Yesterday morning, a man named Walter appeared to me. I could see him clearly. He was a bit overweight, his old brown suit and red striped tie didn’t seem to quite match. He said his name over and over and each time I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He smiled at me, proudly displaying his yellow teeth. I had no idea who this man was and whenever I asked he just kept smiling.

That afternoon as I was speaking to my mentor, he came through again, very loudly calling his name out. WALTER! WALTER! The smell of alcohol was a bit nauseating. I asked my mentor if she knew of anyone named Walter. She said no. I chalked it up to a reading I was going to be doing later. When the time came to do the reading I didn’t see Walter, but I asked the client if she knew anyone named Walter and she told me she did not. I was a confused at this point but decided to let it go. A few hours passed and a woman I have never met contacted me. She was referred to me by another client, and I was thrilled because I always love when I can make clients feel confident enough with their readings that they refer others to me. I was also excited because it was the 2nd referral of the evening I had received!

As the woman and I were setting up her appointment Walter appeared again. “Walter!” he kept saying. So, I asked her if she knew a Walter, she immediately replied “Oh, my God! That is my Grandfather! He passed away 3 months ago from alcoholism.” And just like, that Walter grinned and disappeared.

Spirit never ceases to amaze me. I sat and wondered so many things through night. How did Walter know to come to me? How could he know she would contact me? All I know is that Spirit is a powerful force, and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to experience the things that I do.


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Energy Art

One of the first things I discovered about myself after my big Awakening was my ability to paint and draw energy, it was so fascinating and fun! It helped me begin to be more comfortable with giving readings to people because inside of each of the paintings, or drawings, I would not just see the energy around the people I would paint, I was also able to interpret many things about the person by looking at the art.

In the beginning I was still in completely in the closet with my ability to see clairvoyantly;  I never wanted to be intrusive to someone by just walking up and giving them a reading without them asking. As a matter of fact, at the time I didn’t know how to control the information coming in and as soon as I would look at someone I would start getting flooded with information about them and loved ones that had passed over. It wasn’t until I began work with my mentor that I learned the importance of finding my center and grounding throughout the day. Once I began doing that I stopped being so overwhelmed with what was coming through, but like I said, early on it was a different story.

At work, I would find myself running away from people and conversations because of “the flood”, it is what I referred to the information that would come through and dominate the air around me. In the evenings I spent hours upon hours painting pictures. I always gave them to their “owner” but I never told them all the things I would see or hear, I just didn’t feel that was ethical for me to do so. I still stand firmly in that belief, I will not just walk up and give someone a reading just because something starts to come through. It seems to be the popular thing among people and television these days, but it is just not something agree with for myself.

Right after I had discovered my ability to communicate with the dead we had gone to our local animal shelter. They have a program where young people can read books to the dogs and cats that have not been adopted. I thought it was a phenomenal way for my son to enjoy reading and spend time with animals, as well as giving the animals time for some social interaction. Upon entering a woman greeted us to go over our paper work, before she got her first sentences out I felt someone brush on my left shoulder, that is clue #1 that someone from her mother’s side of the family is trying to come forward. Instantly I see her mother standing over to her left smiling. The mother was going on about how she passed over, her hair was bright red and so were her cheeks. There were several reasons I didn’t just bust out with “Hey, your dead mother is standing next  you!”. The first being that I was still very insecure and unsure of myself, the second is the very conservative state I live in. If you have ever known very religious people then you’d know that they think any communication with the deceased is “of the devil”. I still wanted confirmation though, so I casually started asking questions about her, and her family. Pretty quickly she spoke about her mother and how she had passed over. I had my confirmation, and that was all I needed. I added this bit as an example of how things would happen, and why I couldn’t just come forward with the information that I knew about people, especially people in my work place, that is where almost all of my paintings went.

I have included some of my energy paintings below as an example of what comes through. When I work on them now it is usually for people that ask, so I can give them a reading with the painting. I have found the artwork to be very versatile in position, and clients will often come back mentioning things that pop out to them. It is a wonderful way to connect with the surrounding energy and I am so grateful to have this as a way of communication.

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Royal Throat ChakraDragonladyAngel Looking Down on AngelTwin FlamesScreenshot_20170804-173236Screenshot_20170804-173224

Meditation 9.22.17


I sit in my heart when I meditate. I run light through my central channel, spend time in the Godlight, I balance, and I pretty much do all of the same things every day. After a while, sometimes I begin to receive information, but there are many days I still don’t understand everything I see.  I document it all anyway in hopes that one day I will come to know the messages that are being passed to me.

Today was no different; as the information begins to come through I pop open all the small chakras around my head. They hum in unison; it sounds amazing and still gives me goose bumps whenever I think about it. For me, sound is a big part of my learning. As someone that is losing my physical hearing, I have come to appreciate more and more the inner hearing I receive with great joy and gratitude. As the smaller chakras open, spin and start to hum I am overcome with a feeling of extreme joy and I know then that I am connecting on the level I need to be. I can see myself sitting in the wide open Universe;  my body is filled and connected to earth which is bringing in the pleasant smells of a crisp fall morning. Simultaneously I am connected to Source, which always brings in strong Feminine and Masculine energies at the same time. My body begins to go numb due to the intensity of this beautiful energy. The energy used to scare me. I always thought I was about to die or something terrible was happening, but not now. Now it feels like peace and calmness. I feel whole between the two connections of Earth and Source flowing through me. The energy looks amazing, and I see gold orbs flowing clockwise around my head. I know information is about to come in this way. My head chakras spin faster and faster, drawing in the light. Often it causes discomfort from the intensity of the light coming in, so when it happens, I ask it to slow just enough that I can continue my concentration. This time there are 12 orbs and while they all circle my head like the rings of Saturn they each spin individually in different directions. Each one is filled with information; I know the drill on this because this is usually how it happens.

The information that came through today was interesting, but like I said, I still don’t always understand it. When the individual orbs gain enough momentum to match up to the pitch of the smaller chakras they open and swirls of different light come out and fill the smaller chakras. The smaller chakras take this light in and bring it to the middle of the crown where all the information collects and settles. It looks like stardust and emits a sound that feels like pure bliss. The information travels to the heart where I can “see” it and often decipher the things coming through. Some days it is higher learning that I can understand and verbalize, but today it was mostly shapes and sound that came through. On days like this I can see certain images and a lot of times I will draw them out, so that I can understand their meaning later.

I have come to discover a lot through this process, a lot about energy channels in the body, as well as  using these images for grounding, centering or energy work. I hope one day I will be able to do the same with the different pitches, but for now, I will keep documenting the process.


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