And Then, She Appeared

It’s funny, I hear it all the time: “You are SO lucky you’re a medium, you can talk to your mother whenever you choose.” I always laugh when someone tells me that; its funny to me because this has not been my experience.

My mother died in February of 2017. It was 13 days after I arrived at the hospice facility, 12 hours away from my home. I walked in her room and she was sitting straight up. She didn’t seem surprised to see me at all! I had received a call a few days before that it was time to say goodbye, so I flew out to be with her, and to my surprise I walked into the room to see her, all 85 pounds, sitting straight up in a chair next to her sister.

I was a little confused; I had seen her come to me in visions over the prior month to let me know she was going “home” (crossing over). She had lost so much weight over the previous two years but I seemed to look past it and only notice her strength. She was always a strong woman, but this was not what I expected AT ALL.

I smiled and said, “Hey, Mom!”

She stared blankly for a minute and asked me where my wife and son were. I told her that I had left them in Alabama and she laughed.

“I just saw them help you take the luggage down, are they downstairs?”

I was so confused but my aunt smiled at me and gave me a nod so I just played along. “Yes, they are down there.”

Then she (my mom) said she wanted to get her purse so we could all go out to eat; my cousin and her two sisters just encouraged her to sit back, because we weren’t going anywhere. I knew then she was living in two worlds.

The next 13 days were brutal. She was in and out of reality, and I held her hand as often as I could to let her know I was there and it was okay to go. The 7th day was difficult, it was my birthday and I grasped her hand tightly and begged her to let go. I asked her to go and be with her brother and mother who were waiting for her. Her eyes were closed tightly, she had not had consciousness for a few days, but a single tear fell from her eye and I could hear her, in my mind, clearly tell me she would not be leaving on my birthday.

She eventually passed 6 days after. On the 13th day she finally let go and went “home.” I felt her a few weeks after, and have had several instances where I have felt her so strongly that I had no doubt in my mind she was with me.

We had a … difficult relationship. My mother, she was always a vibrant and colorful woman, and I often felt she’d saved the world for so many people but often forgot me. I never felt like she loved me, that she was always seeking someone else that was better. When she died, I had so many unresolved feelings, but I also knew from our brief encounters that she did in fact love me; I could feel her pouring it to me, but I just couldn’t quite make the connections.

I have called to her several time since she has crossed over and received very little confirmation she was with me. I even thought for a while that I just could never be what she wanted, and that she must be with all my younger cousins and her sisters because I was somehow still unworthy of her love.

Fast forward to 13 months after her death: I was doing a reading for a beautiful woman. Her colors flowed into me like sugar melting into warm butter. Her energy was warm, kind and amazing. As I was doing the reading (mostly psychic stuff), I saw this woman’s mother come forward. She smiled at me and then flashed her personality at me.

She was cold, bitter, jealous and angry. I knew that her soul was at peace and that she was only signaling to me how she was as an Earth Walker. I described what I was seeing to this woman and how she was pouring her heart out to the sitter. Her love was so great it made me want to fall out of my chair, and that was when my mother appeared. I was dumbfounded, and not quite sure what to say or do. I continued to channel the mother for the sitter but my mother’s energy was so BIG, so OUTSTANDING I started to cry. The message for this woman was also the message for me. She was there in all her color and glory to tell me she loved me. They were piggy-backing off of each other with an exact message: “I pushed you and pushed you because I loved you.”

The things that were conveyed during this meeting will never leave me. I understood on a brand new level why my mother treated me the way she did. I saw movies from both the sitter’s mother and my own of their childhood, and the many things they endured in life. For the first time in my life I understood the phrase, “I did the BEST with what I had and what I knew,” more than ever. I could feel the love x2 with the sitter’s mother and my own. I conveyed the message as strongly as I could without breaking down and after the reading was over I could feel the embrace of my own mother, and I understood every part of her stubborn, mean ass better than ever.

I can feel her, and see her now. She sits at “The Bottom of My Heart,” where she used to tell me as a child she could be found if she ever died. She is there and embraces me wholly. She appeared unexpectedly and without me looking. I always wanted her love and acceptance, and for the first time ever, I have received it.

Emotions are what have prevented me from moving through some of my grief, but the woman I was reading helped me as much as I helped her by having a shared connection. It’s funny because she was referred to me by someone else that I admire and have connected to their mother on deep soul level. I felt like it was all part of a master plan to circle back around for a healing to take place between several of us.

I am deeply grateful for this experience.

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I Saw Her Today

I saw her today. The part of me I’ve been ignoring, not wanting to see. Pre-teen/early teen years. Don’t you remember those years? Everything is so confusing during that time. You want to break the mold your parents placed around you, prove to them and yourself that you’re capable of taking care of your damn self. Thing is, you have no skills to do that during those hormonal days. You’re experimenting with everything your parents warned you to stay away from, you’re eagerly lapping up validation from your peers because you just don’t feel like you get it at home (even if you do). It’s a confusing time. Who are you? Who am I? How do we fit with each other?

That is the girl I saw today. She told me she had been trying to reach me for a while now. My thoughts were accepting a million memories a second, she was reminding me, triggering all the dreams she had been sending me. There were hundreds, that in an instant I remembered, every last detail. After the dream recall came the memories, thousands of memories from that time. I watched how hardened I had become to myself. Forming a thick calouse around my energy as I beat myself down over and over for not being good enough, not succeeding, not pleasing my mother’s expectations.

After all of that was over, there she was. Standing there, she had tears rolling down her cheeks. “I’m just a child” she sobbed. She was crying to me, and begging me to realize this truth so I could stop beating on her. So that I could understand it was about experience, and not the illusion that I had some mission to succeed and be validated.

I grabbed her and held her and we both cried until we became one. A solid gold and white light filled both of us, welding us together at the heart. Now, that part of me can be at peace, and she can be comforted forever. She forgives the part of me that hurt her, and now I can finally hear her needs and heal her.

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We ARE Love

Hello, good people.


Today is the day after Christmas. Many of you have felt detached or unable to grasp feelings of Love and joy for various reasons. I came to tell you all that you are already the Love and fulfillment that you are searching for. Everything you desire is held within your heart and can be accessed through grounding and centering your energy to receive the divine messages from Source.
We are all learning and growing, trying to figure out how to have the experiences we desire. I urge you all, as individuals and as a collective, to allow the ultimate guidance of Love to govern every affair we are affording our personalities.
We are the pure light of Source stepped down again and again to experience life as we create it on Earth.


We have nothing to hide from or be afraid of. The past is just the past, and while we will all experience the consequences from past actions, it is never too late to shift your vibration into higher frequencies.
You are good enough and capable of the Love and compassion you are desperately seeking; as a matter of fact you ARE that perfect love you are seeking. I know this from personal experience. I was wishing and hoping that certain people would love me, and  the truth is, I could not be fulfilled until I loved myself in the capacity that I was searching for.
How do you get there? It is not through pretend or through ignoring our true feelings. It is through the balance and clearing work that is necessary for the ultimate change that will always come from within. You ARE pure Love; the freedom you search for is within your grasp.
Don’t give up and keep your face to the Light. Everything else will fall into its perfect place. Thank you for being here, my friends! We are all soaring to the divine. I look forward to the challenges and blessings racing toward us. The Earth’s vibration is changing to allow us all the challenges we are seeking to overcome. Embrace it through the Love that YOU are.
Please, if things feel too overwhelming for you, if the energies feel too out of control, remember that you are in charge of everything happening in your own personal world. Deeper grounding and clearing will help leaps and bounds! Do not underestimate the power of deep grounding and Source grounding. It is work, yes … but it is so worth it. Xo

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Love(Christ Consciousness)

I have had quite a many awareness the last 22 months. Some feel very big and then there are those that feel very small. Recently, I have had a major experience, a collective of all the small awarenesses I’ve had. The dots of the universe connected for me, and for the first time I have been able to utilize a new sense.
I have always walked through life, as everyone does, experiencing this world with my 5 senses. Upon the awakenings that have occurred with me, I’ve learned to use my inner senses as well, such as clairvoyance, and intuition. I’ve worked with diligence to clear, center, and ground. The harmony and connection with my soul has become nearly effortless as a result.
On December 8th, I had a shift that occurred in my energy that has changed me, and my perception of all things. I have been practicing for some time now, bringing in Love(Christ Consciousness) and projecting it out to all things I am in contact with. As I have done this I have received love in return, sometimes instantly and other times over a longer period. At first, I would bring this Love in when I would remembered to, and the more often I did it the longer I was able to hold the vibration and project it out. My focus would increase.
These experiences were somewhat minor until the “explosion” of my heart chakra a few weeks ago. As I viewed my heart chakra it was projected way out and covered with a gold dust. I monitored the change with it and noticed as I was “channeling” this Love through my central channel and pushing it out, the gold dust particles were interacting with it on a new frequency, allowing me hold it for extended periods.


The awareness on December 8th happened as I was holding this vibration and pushing it out into the wildfires of California. Earlier in the week I struggled to do so because of a balance issue in my energy, but I knew in a snap that it was a learning experience, so I embraced it instead of allowing frustration to throw me further off course. The earth and Source were both trying to tell me something of great importance.
As I got myself back into a position to channel this Love, I began to have a closer look at this golden state that sits within my heart. The tiniest of the particles held significant information: actions of unconditional love that had been previously projected or received. The dots were connecting, I knew the more I was practicing this activity, the more I was retaining. It made sense finally what was happening; I was able to harness this Love from all action sent and received to grow my heart even more. I have been able to hold this vibration, minus about 4 hours yesterday, where I went outside my heart and used my physical senses to “understand” something. It was with that move that the greatest awareness of Source and Self were integrated.
I am allowing myself to stop trying to figure the world out with my mental and emotional bodies. I am learning now how to rely on the heart to “feel” my way around life and it’s secrets. Everything is revealed when I can let go of the emotional and mental bodies and live within the heart, and use my spiritual body to grow. It starts with channeling that Love from Source and expressing it, fairly, among every person and situation equally. When the personality or ego pipes up and tells me someone doesn’t deserve the same Love projected to them as someone else, I rebalance myself immediately.


Imbalance has taught me a great lesson, and it is all with love. Love is the leader of our Evolution in all soul growth. Through this expression we are all showing our true selves, the Christ Consciousness, the God within.


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Children Can Meditate, Too

My son, who is 8, is also a sensitive like me. He is very aware of energy and the presence of spirit. Since he started talking he has mentioned things he sees or hears. Before my own awakening I always put it off as a child’s imagination. His intense fear of the dark or imaginary people he would talk to was chalked up as just being a kid. It wasn’t until after I, too, became re-aware of things that I took notice in what he was actually seeing and hearing. I say re-aware because I believe I have always been a sensitive, but I suppressed these abilities deeply until they could no longer be held down. I decided shortly after coming into my own awareness that I wanted to give my son opportunities to express that I never had.

I can count on one hand the times my son has slept past 6 am. No matter how late I’ve let him stay awake, the kid has just never slept for long. When he was 2 or 3, I would wake in the middle of the night to him drawing pictures in a book, or on the wall. We monitored his sugar intake and media time. I even took him to the pediatrician, worried something was wrong. Before she died, my mother told me I was the same way as a young child. I just did not want to sleep. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with him being a sensitive, but I have a hunch it does. In the dark, alone, everything comes to life.

I was privileged to be connected  with my dear mentor early in my awakening. One of the very first things she taught me was grounding and centering my energy. As I began to do these things the panic and fear I felt so intense began to subside  So, I decided this is also where I would start with my child. He was always running everywhere, it’s like he went from crawling to running. Zooming from one room to the next, fearing something was in the room with him or behind him. He absolutely could not be alone for more than a few seconds without freaking out. When we began our work together he was resistant to doing things how I showed him. He did not want to sit quietly, so I changed things up a bit. I need to add here that this has been a process and did not happen over night. As a matter of fact we recently had a bit of a setback and had to go back to basics; he only needed to be reminded of his strengths.

The start for us, as I mentioned above, was not the easiest. His will is very strong, he is independent in his thinking and does not like being told what to do. I respect him as an individual and free thinker. To me there are clear lines with boundaries, discipline, and integrating those things with freedom in a child’s life. Merging these important aspects together is when magic happens! Before I had even had an awakening I would catch him from time to time sitting in the lotus pose with his eyes closed. I thought it was cute, and probably just something he had seen on TV. However, as the years passed, he did those things less and less. Naturally, this is where I tried to start him with meditation, since he was obviously familiar with this, but he did NOT like doing it this way, because it was me “telling him” what to do with his energy and mind.

To make things easier, for both of us, we instead started with just familiarizing him with what energy feels like. We made a game out of it. I would have him do the old “ball of energy” in between your hands and expand it. I had him lay down, close his eyes, and then I would place my hand over his head or chest and see if he could “feel” the energy. He would laugh and laugh and wiggle around when he felt it. We did this for a while and then he would practice on me or himself, but mostly on the cat. He became confident and excited to practice. After a few weeks he felt comfortable with what energy was. He had learned how to center this energy at his heart and we would exercise it together, pushing the energy down to the Earth’s heart and pulling it back into his, then pushing it to Source and pulling all the way back to him and down to the earth. Around this time he began calling Source by another name (Lafeesh) which was fine with me, it is part of the flexibility that I think is vital for a child’s growth. He would describe to me everything he would see or feel, and he was elated to have fun with it. He got to a place where he was able to do those things on his own, and at night when the energies around him became too intense, he would work with his energy and “Lafeesh” to comfort him.

I can often tell when I am not in balance by his behavior. He will suddenly become afraid of being in his room alone, or he won’t go down the dark hallway to the bathroom. He races and zooms from one place or another in a panic. I mention this because children do not carry the amount of debris in their energy fields that adults do, so they will pick up the energy in others very easily.  He reminds me through his actions to not only check myself, but in return remind him of his own power, that HE is in control of his own energy field. He has been one of my greatest teachers in this way.

He still wakes up early, and his bedtime is rarely changed; we try to keep things as consistent as possible. The difference is that now he does not wake up in the middle of the night, he does not fight like hell about going to sleep, and he sleeps well without every light in the house on. After he wakes and has his breakfast he spends time in silent meditation, 1 minute for every year he is alive. He has been known a few times to stay a bit longer. At night, we play the meditation music for him and he does his own little thing before bed, sleeping peacefully through the night. Recently, he told me about spirits that visit him. He calls them “helpers”. He says they move so fast that sometimes they make him nervous and he wants to hide. A simple reminder that he is in control of his space put an end to this fear. Watching him come into this power is one of the most satisfying times of my life. As he realizes his true self, the fear melts away.


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Expansion: Source In Action Through Us

For most of the spiritual work I do, I work closely with more than just the physical body. There are many bodies, but I mostly speak about the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies. I do believe that as we expand and continue our evolution that the other, bigger bodies, will become more prevalent in our work. To keep things as simple as possible I will limit my writing to the above mentioned bodies. In the past 2 blogs I wrote about my visions of the chakras, and here I want to touch more on the different bodies and how they are all working in harmony with the chakras as and expression of Source. Again, I want to reiterate that there are WAY more than the 7 chakras and 3 lower bodies (mentioned above), however, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information, so I want to keep it basic. I will, reluctantly, describe how I see the different bodies, and I say reluctant because I don’t want any person to read this and think it is the only way to see it. It is impossible for all of us to “see” in the same way. Many do, but there are also a lot of people that may view these things differently and that is perfectly fine!

The first and closest body to the physical body is etheric body, or the etheric double as some refer to it. To me this appears as a blue netting that lays directly over the physical body.  We use this body to travel to astral levels, etc. This body can be seen (in my eye) interacting closely with the physical chakras as well as a direct connection to all of the other bodies.

The emotional body, for me, always appears fluffy and pink, like cotton candy. This body, by far, is the one that I see the most when I am looking at people. Many empaths work and function through this body. On a side note, I do think everyone is empathic, they just do not understand it yet. When I view this body it is often puffed out and very large, it flows and interacts with everything around it like a giant pink cloud. As an example, as I sit here and type this, my S.O. (who functions a great deal through this body) is playing a game using her physical body, but her emotional body is all over me, our child, and our animals. She is constantly feeling with this body, and I often wonder if this is why she is so tired all of the time 🙂 This is really not abnormal, as I have said earlier that most people function a great deal through this body living and breathing on pure emotion.

The next is the mental body. It always appears to me as yellow but it is not like the cloud shape of the emotional body. It has sharper, more defined edges and travels in lines verses the puffy all encompassing aspects of the emotional body. The mental body I can often see penetrating the emotional body. In my vision, it is, where thoughtforms are created, and those thoughtforms will then often move into the emotional body for interaction. An example of this is fear created through thought (thoughtform), obsessing about it through the mental body, and then reacting to it on an emotional level. Before I knew what the bodies were, my vision would show colors: the yellow feeding mud to the pink and then the pink feeding it back to the yellow, if that makes sense. So that is how a thoughtform is born, and then grown. The more we allow the thoughtform(fear) to interact with the bodies the bigger they become. There are also social/cultural thoughtforms, which is a whole different blog!

The next and last one I would like to mention is the spiritual body. This is where we are headed in our next leap of evolution. Right now, man is working towards expanding themselves into this beautiful, soft white light. The trick is to move past the ego, which has found a great home in our other lower bodies. Example: all of us know that “spiritual” person who knows more than anyone else, or becomes angered when hearing something that does not fit their description of truth. That is ego, not spirituality or an expression of the spiritual body. In my belief, there are so many opinions because there are an infinite number of experiences and roads back to Source. This gives all of humankind a chance no matter how bitter or ugly their colors may become. When we are in the spiritual body the air feels fresh and free of judgment. In my view this is where we begin to interact with much higher vibrational states.

There could potentially be 10 pages written on each body and their interactions with chakras, physical body and all the other bodies, but again, I want to keep this as simple as possible for this post. In the future I will continue to add information as I go along. If we take a step back and view all of these bodies and their interactions it is easy to see how the information can quickly become overwhelming. Our physical body has an anatomy, as I have mentioned in my other blog posts, and each of our other bodies has an anatomy of its own, as well. I have not heard of any information regarding this, but I think it is important to discuss them. I hope to be able to draw out what I see eventually and share it with all of you, but for the time being I will just use words as best I can to describe. Each body and its anatomy reflect the state of the body as I see it. For instance, the emotional body is very curvy inside itself, the colors are soft, tantalizing, and alluring. The shapes carry smooth lines and its interaction within itself is hypnotizing and heavy. The anatomy of the mental body also reflects its state as I see it, with defined lines and sharper interactions within itself; it’s clear, and well-defined in all of it’s shapes, which carry less curve and more edgy lines. Spiritual body is more about sounds to me. This is where I can really start to hear higher vibrations rather than just “see” what I see. In its anatomy, I not only see both curvy and well defined lines and shapes I hear how those lines and shapes are interacting within itself as well as the other bodies. In this position, backed away, we can also view how each of the bodies and their inner anatomies begin to interact with the 7 chakras (and many, many more chakras not mentioned) of the physical body.

To tie it all together now, as I view the bodies of a client from the position mentioned above, I can begin to see how the all of these bodies are in fact part of us. We cannot see what is inside of our physical bodies. We know what is in there because through the ages we have learned, and in this day and age we have machines that can view what is past the flesh. We know that inside of every living thing is a very complex system. Veins, organs, bones, and cells. We know that everything inside of us has its own important function for our physical bodies. Now, imagine that for the emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. Each with its own anatomy. NOW imagine that everything inside of us, each cell and organ can also function with every one of our other bodies. While we do not have the tools to view or measure these other bodies or their anatomies, they are present and do have a major effect on our physical selves. I think in a few hundred more years we will be developing tools to view all of this.

So what does all of this mean? In my personal opinion I believe it is the process of Source stepping down its state to function in our physical body so that we may be Source in action. We are all children of God, or children of light, whatever you want to call it. We are all expanding ourselves to Source. Through every complexity of every anatomy in every body. The chakras, the bodies, all of them are connected to us in multidimensional ways so that we can express in an infinite number of ways the beauty of the Universe, God, Light, Source, whatever you choose to call it. When I think of myself as an aspect of divine light it makes me stop and think… If God(Source) came to me today, what would I want it to know? What would I show it? Where would I take this special guest? Well, for me I would want it to wear the finest clothes, experience the ultimate road trip, and eat the best foods. I would want God to experience the most amazing things in the world that were created for ME to experience. But…if God is inside of me, doesn’t that just mean that now my job is to express LOVE through me? I am here with the abundant gifts of the world that were created for me, for all of us. So, now I must act this way. I must know that I am ultimately cared for and loved, and that nothing is out of reach for me, provided it is for my highest learning experience. Now I can be free, because I know that I am the Source in action. Now I can understand the importance of treating myself well, and cutting out the negative self-talk. I would never speak to God the way I speak to myself. God is in all of us, we must now treat ourselves this way with our new understanding. We must LOVE ourselves and all of our brothers and sisters, because we are ALL part of the Divine Light that is God.

Our chakras, our bodies, they are all ways for us to connect with ourselves, nature, fellow man and SOURCE. When we stop trying to grab on to things outside of ourselves, gurus, money, food, spirit guides…when we go WITHIN we find the true source of love and divine guidance, we find ourselves, we find the children of Light that we truly are, the seed of God. Now, we can finally love ourselves for what we really are, a reflection or aspect of Source!

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Chakras as Discs

In yesterday’s blog, I briefly mentioned spinning the chakras outwards. Today I want to go into further details about this as it relates to yesterday’s post concerning what is inside the chakra from a circular or horizontal perspective. The reason for separating the two subjects is because yesterday was all about the physical chakras, and how they affect our physical bodies in connection with the emotional, mental and spiritual body. When I am viewing the chakras in that circular/vertical way, it is a very physical representation. Today is more about SOUND and the how it affects us in a  multi-dimensional way with the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, viewing it more in a horizontal/disc shaped way as well as expressing those in a physical way. (Picture below).

I want to begin by starting with a woman I am working with, we will call her Autumn. Very specifically, I want to speak on Autumn’s heart chakra from a vertical/circular stand point. The front is what I call a 4:6 ratio. This means she has 4 fully developed vortexes inside of the chakra, and in addition, she has 2 new vortexes coming in that are not quite developed and are not currently holding atoms. The back is very similar with a 4:6 ratio, where she has 4 normal spinning vortexes, 1 coming in with atoms present and 1 coming in with no atoms present (yet). Noted are the 2 new vortexes in the back that are developing; each spin a bit slower than normal. Without grasping any atoms, this information alone brings me quite a bit of information. Her heart chakra is developing 2 new chakras front and back, which is growth, especially in a spiritual sense. When you add the atoms in and push light through it means past traumas can be filled in with light so that the personality level can begin to transmute the gap of light and start to increase the light quotient. The new, slower developing vortexes also tell me the process is not rapid, which most people think they want, but the soul always knows best. It is about truly transmuting energetic traumas from the past!

We are not one dimensional beings. We are interacting with more than just this physical plane of existence. Before going into overwhelm with the information, consider the onion, its layers, and the full development of the plant. The onion develops roots as well as well as the bulb that is underground. As it is growing, you can view the stems on top of the soil, and even some variety display flower. When we pull the onion out of the dirt, we notice the outer layer of the onion and its roots…but what else is there? Layers and layers of petals that have been growing and interacting with the onion. We are similar! We have more than just the flesh we walk in. We have organs, cells, atoms…and those are just part of the physical. What about the emotional body? The mental body? Spiritual body and so forth? Taking it even a step further we have the mental aspects of the emotional body, or the emotional aspect of the mental body; those parts of each body that are built to receive information from another body. Each body has an anatomy of its own. I could go on for ages, but for this blog let’s stick to the most simple aspects of the chakra!

Now, once I have gathered all the information from the vertical/circular format I can now move into the chakras as discs. For me this mostly comes in sound rather than just the clairvoyant aspect. I work off of pitches when it comes to discs. With this particular model, Autumn, her frequencies are very unique. I considered using a more standard model for this writing but I felt like there is a wealth of information here so I wanted to share. Her physical chakra development, that I mentioned above, seems rather normal, but when we move into the discs it is another story. Keeping the two parts (vertical and horizontal representations) separate is imperative when it comes to getting the full picture of the model. Again, it is because we are not just physical beings, we are interacting with lots of energies that also carry many frequencies. As we are evolving, we are becoming more and more aware of these frequencies and as we do we can begin to integrate higher and higher frequencies of light.

Sticking with our current model, Autumn, let’s look at her heart chakra from the horizontal view. I immediately hear the noise, and if I was able to put sound in this blog it would really help, but I am not sure how yet, so just bear with me. The frequency of her heart has several frequencies involved, particularly the color orange (yes, color to me is SOUND and in this case it represents the sacral chakra) as well as the sound of the emotional body. How is this possible????  Well, what I know of this model is that she is extremely creative, an author, artist, poet. But why is this in the heart? Why is the emotional body involved? All of Autumn’s work comes from her sacral and emotional body, but is worked through the heart. So, if autumn has a lot of heart chakra traumas that involved the emotional body as well as her sexual (relationships particularly) or creative (painting, writing) it would therefore effect all of her sacral and emotional body works, right? Pain or Joy will be expressed through the heart. BOOM! You can see now how everything is affected in different ways but all connected. This particular model can easily express her different chakras and their environments of the emotional body through the heart. We all have this capability, for her particularly she has a great talent here.

I mentioned earlier that this model was unique in sound, so I would like to clarify. While all of us are connected in various multi-dimensional aspects (ie: the sacral, emotional body and expressed through the heart), Autumn carries unique frequencies I do not hear in many models. I have noticed with her that I am able to notate her emotional body as well as the emotional aspect of her mental body, and orange (sacral), in nearly every one of her chakras. The significance here is the creativity and her ability to express these connections in all areas of her life! It has been a joy to learn from her. She is a clear example of how we evolve, as I foresee this person as a leader in the eventual unification of chakras. Eventually we will have all of our chakras and bodies unified through the Christ Conscience where we will accelerate towards the light. My mentor is a great example of unification in bodies and light. I don’t want to get too far out there with it, but with her, I see nearly all of her chakras with 8 vortex front and back on the vertical/circular aspects. Spinning outward her sounds are unlike anything that I normally hear with the emotional/mental/spiritual bodies unified as well as a clean and clear representation of her chakras at the heart. The sounds are unlike any others that I have heard. The production at the heart, because of the unification, produce the higher heart, and therefore have a particular sound of it its own.

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