We are all familiar with the ego. The ego has helped give us enough self-awareness to keep the physical body alive throughout human evolution. The ego itself is not bad, even in its inflated/deflated state. I do not consider any aspect of myself bad, so I try not to call it names just as I try not to call people acting in their over-inflated states names. The more I come to understand the ego and its participation in my development, the more I have come to appreciate what it has been trying to do all along, which is develop me, my drive, my creativity, my “SELF,” and my physical survival.

Yes, I have heard self is just an illusion, but if we truly believe we are multidimensional beings (and I do) then every aspect of myself is real, and for a purpose. My goal is to bring every aspect of myself into harmony with the highest parts of myself.  I once believed that self-pity, doubt, fear, and anger were all illusions, that they weren’t real! But I do believe they are just as real as joy, love, harmony, and kindness. It is how I choose to interact with those aspects of me and how I plan to bring them into the light. If I am sitting in ego, letting fear run me on a subject, for example, I am feeding that part, allowing the creation and breeding of thoughtforms. They get bigger and bigger, they can become their own entity, but they are still me, still an aspect of me. What happens when I identify them and begin to throw love at them? Simply put, their vibration has an increase in light, which means it has less control over me in the dark. So, as long as I am bringing that light through me, and giving that light to others, those thoughtforms and “negative” (I don’t like that word) aspects of myself have less and less control. If only looking at that aspect then yes, fear/ego is an illusion, as it has no real control over me. I can re-develop my ego into a more healthy aspect of itself, giving me a more enlightened awareness of all of “me”, all the way up to Source.

I want to give some examples of how ego presents itself. The first is a friend, Sarah. Sarah is a beautiful woman, and I do not just mean physically. She carries a lot of light, and her inner vibe shows an enormous amount work. She is young, in her 20’s, I think. She has very little self-confidence, but always says, “I do not care what others think,” when in fact she is drooling for validation from every person around her. She walks around with a less than lovely attitude, she is smug, and pretends she is trash. She refers to herself as “not nice”, “garbage”, and “a rebel”. Her stride is tough, she doesn’t bathe well, her mouth….oh, her mouth; she says the most vile things she can think of so she can be sure to offend everyone around her. She does that because she wants to be sure that she is treating herself that way before anyone else has the chance. My favorite thing about Sarah is that when I used to smile at her, she would scoff and snarl. She was not very friendly, but eventually she learned to trust me enough that when I give her a compliment, she believes that I believe it, and says “thank you”. When she posts things on her FB page about how tough or mean she is it makes me smile, because I can see her true self: a beautiful, talented, creative, and smart, young woman. All the things she believes about herself are what her ego has told her. She has given her independence and self-worth away in exchange for this persona because of her terrible past. It is her way to keep others away so that she cannot be hurt like she was before. In a way, it is her ego that has tried to save her from being hurt. I cannot look at her like she is rotten or terrible, like she wants me to. I cannot because I know it is just her ego trying to protect her. She is soft, kind, and beautiful.

The other person I want to mention is Sally, who is about my age. She identifies herself as tough-as-nails, a warrior, a mother, and a survivor. She has seen some shit, man. If there was ever a woman who has been through hell it is her! She is independent, fair, open-minded, and will kick your ass if you try to invade her space. She is self-motivated and responsive to the needs of those people around her. She has kissed her demons on the lips and told them she was not afraid, she has ripped her own power out of the hands of a would-be thief and created beauty out of total garbage. Sally will still fight her ego, though. When it comes in to try to strip her self-worth away, when it tries to tear her old wounds open and let the fear out, she pushes back. She says, “I am in charge here.” She has a firm grasp around the neck of her ego, but still I can sense the fear there in how she treats the ego in anger, beating it in to submission. Is that wrong? I don’t judge, and it certainly seems to be working well for her.

I will use myself as a final example. I am the grey between those two women. I have lived many hells that people would never be able to understand. Some days I feel the only way to get a grip on myself is to push everyone away and become cruel and vile. Other days, I kick the dick off my ego and scream to it, “I am in charge!” But, one thing that is very different for me is that now when many of the days that the ego comes up, I can spot it quicker, and I can treat it with love instead of feeding it fear, hurt, and anger. I embrace it for what it is trying to do for me. I don’t call myself (it) names, I don’t argue with it, I don’t do anything but acknowledge the lesson it is trying to teach me and then move forward with changes through love.

I don’t think that any of the above examples of ego are wrong. As a matter of fact, I think the way everything is happening is absolutely perfect. I believe that even the darkest parts of myself love me. Why else would it be pushing me to the light? I am hard-headed, I have been known to struggle with lessons in love, and it has taken some dark moments/events to take place in my life for me to run towards that light. I am not bound in darkness and stuck in the shadows. I am the Light, and all of those things I experienced are about me increasing the light that I am holding in my heart, not just in this physical place of existence, but in many places.

I had a vision Monday. I was in place surrounded by what looked like a gigantic kaleidoscope, the colors constantly changing and interlocking. There was not a single space of darkness; it was all just a constant flow of beautiful light. It almost looked like it was breathing, taking turns exchanging parts of itself with other parts. Almost 360 degrees of this, and the sound that accompanied it was magnificent. There was only a small space, a thin oval of white light.  I stared at this “spot” for some time. Occasionally I would hear a “whooshing” sound and see a part of the kaleidoscope rush through it. There was never enough time for darkness to appear, its spot was immediately and simultaneously filled in with color. I looked down at my hands only to find that I had none, and the feeling of floating on an ocean had overtaken me. I was a part of this sea of colors. There was no me, I was only a blossom of color among the beauty. There was no ME. As I came out of the vision I had a feeling of gratitude for not only experiencing the vastness and love of all that is, but also for the self, the EGO.

We are here to experience. I experience this life my way, as each person experiences it their way, and together we make the blanket for all that is.


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The Ego

Expansion: Source In Action Through Us

For most of the spiritual work I do, I work closely with more than just the physical body. There are many bodies, but I mostly speak about the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies. I do believe that as we expand and continue our evolution that the other, bigger bodies, will become more prevalent in our work. To keep things as simple as possible I will limit my writing to the above mentioned bodies. In the past 2 blogs I wrote about my visions of the chakras, and here I want to touch more on the different bodies and how they are all working in harmony with the chakras as and expression of Source. Again, I want to reiterate that there are WAY more than the 7 chakras and 3 lower bodies (mentioned above), however, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information, so I want to keep it basic. I will, reluctantly, describe how I see the different bodies, and I say reluctant because I don’t want any person to read this and think it is the only way to see it. It is impossible for all of us to “see” in the same way. Many do, but there are also a lot of people that may view these things differently and that is perfectly fine!

The first and closest body to the physical body is etheric body, or the etheric double as some refer to it. To me this appears as a blue netting that lays directly over the physical body.  We use this body to travel to astral levels, etc. This body can be seen (in my eye) interacting closely with the physical chakras as well as a direct connection to all of the other bodies.

The emotional body, for me, always appears fluffy and pink, like cotton candy. This body, by far, is the one that I see the most when I am looking at people. Many empaths work and function through this body. On a side note, I do think everyone is empathic, they just do not understand it yet. When I view this body it is often puffed out and very large, it flows and interacts with everything around it like a giant pink cloud. As an example, as I sit here and type this, my S.O. (who functions a great deal through this body) is playing a game using her physical body, but her emotional body is all over me, our child, and our animals. She is constantly feeling with this body, and I often wonder if this is why she is so tired all of the time 🙂 This is really not abnormal, as I have said earlier that most people function a great deal through this body living and breathing on pure emotion.

The next is the mental body. It always appears to me as yellow but it is not like the cloud shape of the emotional body. It has sharper, more defined edges and travels in lines verses the puffy all encompassing aspects of the emotional body. The mental body I can often see penetrating the emotional body. In my vision, it is, where thoughtforms are created, and those thoughtforms will then often move into the emotional body for interaction. An example of this is fear created through thought (thoughtform), obsessing about it through the mental body, and then reacting to it on an emotional level. Before I knew what the bodies were, my vision would show colors: the yellow feeding mud to the pink and then the pink feeding it back to the yellow, if that makes sense. So that is how a thoughtform is born, and then grown. The more we allow the thoughtform(fear) to interact with the bodies the bigger they become. There are also social/cultural thoughtforms, which is a whole different blog!

The next and last one I would like to mention is the spiritual body. This is where we are headed in our next leap of evolution. Right now, man is working towards expanding themselves into this beautiful, soft white light. The trick is to move past the ego, which has found a great home in our other lower bodies. Example: all of us know that “spiritual” person who knows more than anyone else, or becomes angered when hearing something that does not fit their description of truth. That is ego, not spirituality or an expression of the spiritual body. In my belief, there are so many opinions because there are an infinite number of experiences and roads back to Source. This gives all of humankind a chance no matter how bitter or ugly their colors may become. When we are in the spiritual body the air feels fresh and free of judgment. In my view this is where we begin to interact with much higher vibrational states.

There could potentially be 10 pages written on each body and their interactions with chakras, physical body and all the other bodies, but again, I want to keep this as simple as possible for this post. In the future I will continue to add information as I go along. If we take a step back and view all of these bodies and their interactions it is easy to see how the information can quickly become overwhelming. Our physical body has an anatomy, as I have mentioned in my other blog posts, and each of our other bodies has an anatomy of its own, as well. I have not heard of any information regarding this, but I think it is important to discuss them. I hope to be able to draw out what I see eventually and share it with all of you, but for the time being I will just use words as best I can to describe. Each body and its anatomy reflect the state of the body as I see it. For instance, the emotional body is very curvy inside itself, the colors are soft, tantalizing, and alluring. The shapes carry smooth lines and its interaction within itself is hypnotizing and heavy. The anatomy of the mental body also reflects its state as I see it, with defined lines and sharper interactions within itself; it’s clear, and well-defined in all of it’s shapes, which carry less curve and more edgy lines. Spiritual body is more about sounds to me. This is where I can really start to hear higher vibrations rather than just “see” what I see. In its anatomy, I not only see both curvy and well defined lines and shapes I hear how those lines and shapes are interacting within itself as well as the other bodies. In this position, backed away, we can also view how each of the bodies and their inner anatomies begin to interact with the 7 chakras (and many, many more chakras not mentioned) of the physical body.

To tie it all together now, as I view the bodies of a client from the position mentioned above, I can begin to see how the all of these bodies are in fact part of us. We cannot see what is inside of our physical bodies. We know what is in there because through the ages we have learned, and in this day and age we have machines that can view what is past the flesh. We know that inside of every living thing is a very complex system. Veins, organs, bones, and cells. We know that everything inside of us has its own important function for our physical bodies. Now, imagine that for the emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. Each with its own anatomy. NOW imagine that everything inside of us, each cell and organ can also function with every one of our other bodies. While we do not have the tools to view or measure these other bodies or their anatomies, they are present and do have a major effect on our physical selves. I think in a few hundred more years we will be developing tools to view all of this.

So what does all of this mean? In my personal opinion I believe it is the process of Source stepping down its state to function in our physical body so that we may be Source in action. We are all children of God, or children of light, whatever you want to call it. We are all expanding ourselves to Source. Through every complexity of every anatomy in every body. The chakras, the bodies, all of them are connected to us in multidimensional ways so that we can express in an infinite number of ways the beauty of the Universe, God, Light, Source, whatever you choose to call it. When I think of myself as an aspect of divine light it makes me stop and think… If God(Source) came to me today, what would I want it to know? What would I show it? Where would I take this special guest? Well, for me I would want it to wear the finest clothes, experience the ultimate road trip, and eat the best foods. I would want God to experience the most amazing things in the world that were created for ME to experience. But…if God is inside of me, doesn’t that just mean that now my job is to express LOVE through me? I am here with the abundant gifts of the world that were created for me, for all of us. So, now I must act this way. I must know that I am ultimately cared for and loved, and that nothing is out of reach for me, provided it is for my highest learning experience. Now I can be free, because I know that I am the Source in action. Now I can understand the importance of treating myself well, and cutting out the negative self-talk. I would never speak to God the way I speak to myself. God is in all of us, we must now treat ourselves this way with our new understanding. We must LOVE ourselves and all of our brothers and sisters, because we are ALL part of the Divine Light that is God.

Our chakras, our bodies, they are all ways for us to connect with ourselves, nature, fellow man and SOURCE. When we stop trying to grab on to things outside of ourselves, gurus, money, food, spirit guides…when we go WITHIN we find the true source of love and divine guidance, we find ourselves, we find the children of Light that we truly are, the seed of God. Now, we can finally love ourselves for what we really are, a reflection or aspect of Source!

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Chakras as Discs

In yesterday’s blog, I briefly mentioned spinning the chakras outwards. Today I want to go into further details about this as it relates to yesterday’s post concerning what is inside the chakra from a circular or horizontal perspective. The reason for separating the two subjects is because yesterday was all about the physical chakras, and how they affect our physical bodies in connection with the emotional, mental and spiritual body. When I am viewing the chakras in that circular/vertical way, it is a very physical representation. Today is more about SOUND and the how it affects us in a  multi-dimensional way with the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, viewing it more in a horizontal/disc shaped way as well as expressing those in a physical way. (Picture below).

I want to begin by starting with a woman I am working with, we will call her Autumn. Very specifically, I want to speak on Autumn’s heart chakra from a vertical/circular stand point. The front is what I call a 4:6 ratio. This means she has 4 fully developed vortexes inside of the chakra, and in addition, she has 2 new vortexes coming in that are not quite developed and are not currently holding atoms. The back is very similar with a 4:6 ratio, where she has 4 normal spinning vortexes, 1 coming in with atoms present and 1 coming in with no atoms present (yet). Noted are the 2 new vortexes in the back that are developing; each spin a bit slower than normal. Without grasping any atoms, this information alone brings me quite a bit of information. Her heart chakra is developing 2 new chakras front and back, which is growth, especially in a spiritual sense. When you add the atoms in and push light through it means past traumas can be filled in with light so that the personality level can begin to transmute the gap of light and start to increase the light quotient. The new, slower developing vortexes also tell me the process is not rapid, which most people think they want, but the soul always knows best. It is about truly transmuting energetic traumas from the past!

We are not one dimensional beings. We are interacting with more than just this physical plane of existence. Before going into overwhelm with the information, consider the onion, its layers, and the full development of the plant. The onion develops roots as well as well as the bulb that is underground. As it is growing, you can view the stems on top of the soil, and even some variety display flower. When we pull the onion out of the dirt, we notice the outer layer of the onion and its roots…but what else is there? Layers and layers of petals that have been growing and interacting with the onion. We are similar! We have more than just the flesh we walk in. We have organs, cells, atoms…and those are just part of the physical. What about the emotional body? The mental body? Spiritual body and so forth? Taking it even a step further we have the mental aspects of the emotional body, or the emotional aspect of the mental body; those parts of each body that are built to receive information from another body. Each body has an anatomy of its own. I could go on for ages, but for this blog let’s stick to the most simple aspects of the chakra!

Now, once I have gathered all the information from the vertical/circular format I can now move into the chakras as discs. For me this mostly comes in sound rather than just the clairvoyant aspect. I work off of pitches when it comes to discs. With this particular model, Autumn, her frequencies are very unique. I considered using a more standard model for this writing but I felt like there is a wealth of information here so I wanted to share. Her physical chakra development, that I mentioned above, seems rather normal, but when we move into the discs it is another story. Keeping the two parts (vertical and horizontal representations) separate is imperative when it comes to getting the full picture of the model. Again, it is because we are not just physical beings, we are interacting with lots of energies that also carry many frequencies. As we are evolving, we are becoming more and more aware of these frequencies and as we do we can begin to integrate higher and higher frequencies of light.

Sticking with our current model, Autumn, let’s look at her heart chakra from the horizontal view. I immediately hear the noise, and if I was able to put sound in this blog it would really help, but I am not sure how yet, so just bear with me. The frequency of her heart has several frequencies involved, particularly the color orange (yes, color to me is SOUND and in this case it represents the sacral chakra) as well as the sound of the emotional body. How is this possible????  Well, what I know of this model is that she is extremely creative, an author, artist, poet. But why is this in the heart? Why is the emotional body involved? All of Autumn’s work comes from her sacral and emotional body, but is worked through the heart. So, if autumn has a lot of heart chakra traumas that involved the emotional body as well as her sexual (relationships particularly) or creative (painting, writing) it would therefore effect all of her sacral and emotional body works, right? Pain or Joy will be expressed through the heart. BOOM! You can see now how everything is affected in different ways but all connected. This particular model can easily express her different chakras and their environments of the emotional body through the heart. We all have this capability, for her particularly she has a great talent here.

I mentioned earlier that this model was unique in sound, so I would like to clarify. While all of us are connected in various multi-dimensional aspects (ie: the sacral, emotional body and expressed through the heart), Autumn carries unique frequencies I do not hear in many models. I have noticed with her that I am able to notate her emotional body as well as the emotional aspect of her mental body, and orange (sacral), in nearly every one of her chakras. The significance here is the creativity and her ability to express these connections in all areas of her life! It has been a joy to learn from her. She is a clear example of how we evolve, as I foresee this person as a leader in the eventual unification of chakras. Eventually we will have all of our chakras and bodies unified through the Christ Conscience where we will accelerate towards the light. My mentor is a great example of unification in bodies and light. I don’t want to get too far out there with it, but with her, I see nearly all of her chakras with 8 vortex front and back on the vertical/circular aspects. Spinning outward her sounds are unlike anything that I normally hear with the emotional/mental/spiritual bodies unified as well as a clean and clear representation of her chakras at the heart. The sounds are unlike any others that I have heard. The production at the heart, because of the unification, produce the higher heart, and therefore have a particular sound of it its own.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip through my mind and how I see! If you have any questions please email me:

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Inside The Chakras

I wanted to discuss what I see inside of a chakra. For this writing I will be using the standard 7  main chakras that most people are aware of. I have posted a rough picture at the end of this writing as an example in viewing the front and back of each chakra as far as the vertical viewing goes. I want to add that I believe to spin the chakras horizontally out into the different dimensions is also vital for spiritual growth, but for this blog I am keeping it as simple as I can, so this writing will be a focus of the vertical aspects of each chakra.

As you can see below I have listed 3 examples of the insides of a chakra. Viewing the front of the chakra I will see vortexes inside of the chakras, as well as being able to see them in the back. It can be shown to me as 4, 6, or 8 vortex and honestly I am not going to be surprised if I end up viewing up to 12, which is what I feel happens as we continue to increase our light quotient. Inside of each vortex is more information that comes via what I would call “chakra atoms”, or at least that is how they show themselves to me. I would like to mention here that each atom will bring me to particular locations in the body, more on that later.

Let us start with the vortexes. As I mentioned above they come in sets of 4, 6, 8 and probably up to 12. Each vortex in itself is information. For instance lets say I am looking at Bob’s heart chakra from the front. In it, for an example, we will say that I see 4 vortex. The first clue for me is what direction those chakras are spinning, in addition to the sounds they make as well as how fast they spin. One thing to take particular note of for me is the incoming of newer vortexes. So lets say Bob has 4 vortexes in his heart, they are all singing in unison, then I will notice 2 “newer” vortex being birthed here. It may not show as complete, but I know they are “coming in”, almost like a new tooth pushing through the gum. If I turn Bob around and view the backside of his chakra it will more than likely not match as far as what the chakra is receiving in energy. An example would be that Bob has 6 fully developed and openly spinning healthy vortexes on the back, but only 4 fully developed with 2 newer chakras coming in through the front. It seems that the vortexes develop in pairs, and I attribute this to polarities of the chakra, after all everything has polarities. Another thing to mention about the vortexes is that they may not all spin in the same direction. Or they may spin slower or faster than their counterparts. There is endless possibility and information here. A big key note is to mention that the front of the chakra and the back of the chakra are being developed at different stages, and I will explain that a bit further down.

Moving in to each vortex brings in a wealth of additional information. As I noted before there are sets of chakra atoms in each of the vortex. The information that they bring varies with what aspect of the chakra I am viewing. The front side of the chakra atoms bring me to specific areas of the physical body. So, lets say I go into one of the vortex of Bob’s heart chakra and I grab a hold of an atom. That atom will lead me to lets say the pancreas or perhaps something in the way his blood flows. If I turn Bob around and latch on to an atom of the back of his heart chakra I will be lead to one of his other bodies (emotional mental spiritual.) For this example I will use Bob’s emotional body. I take both of the clues I have now received from the atoms: Bob’s pancreas (front side) and Bob’s emotional body (backside). After I have this information I also take into account the particular vortex that I am looking at (how is it spinning? Is it moving in the right direction? Is it matching the pitch of its counter part?) Once all of my clues are selected I can add light to that atom and it will filter out into the exact spots on Bob’s physical body as well as adding additional light to whatever the other body(emotional) is included. When this is happening I can usually receive more information on the where/why aspect of the chakra vortexes/atoms. It is all basically about healing traumas or the different aspects ourselves. The work is only shown TO me by the person seeking the information, I am not actually doing anything but conveying what THEY are showing me. I say this because it is vital that each person take ownership of their own power in healing.

Early I stated that the front and back of each chakra are being developed separately. As you saw above Bob did not have the matching number of vortexes on the front as he did on the back. I do believe this is all about our interactions with them and the world, as well as the receiving of higher informations of light that come to us in various ways. I have found through my own viewing of various people and their chakras that many who are involved in spiritual works or developments have a closer match on their chakras verses people who may be more disconnected from any spiritual aspect of life.

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Yesterday morning, a man named Walter appeared to me. I could see him clearly. He was a bit overweight, his old brown suit and red striped tie didn’t seem to quite match. He said his name over and over and each time I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He smiled at me, proudly displaying his yellow teeth. I had no idea who this man was and whenever I asked he just kept smiling.

That afternoon as I was speaking to my mentor, he came through again, very loudly calling his name out. WALTER! WALTER! The smell of alcohol was a bit nauseating. I asked my mentor if she knew of anyone named Walter. She said no. I chalked it up to a reading I was going to be doing later. When the time came to do the reading I didn’t see Walter, but I asked the client if she knew anyone named Walter and she told me she did not. I was a confused at this point but decided to let it go. A few hours passed and a woman I have never met contacted me. She was referred to me by another client, and I was thrilled because I always love when I can make clients feel confident enough with their readings that they refer others to me. I was also excited because it was the 2nd referral of the evening I had received!

As the woman and I were setting up her appointment Walter appeared again. “Walter!” he kept saying. So, I asked her if she knew a Walter, she immediately replied “Oh, my God! That is my Grandfather! He passed away 3 months ago from alcoholism.” And just like, that Walter grinned and disappeared.

Spirit never ceases to amaze me. I sat and wondered so many things through night. How did Walter know to come to me? How could he know she would contact me? All I know is that Spirit is a powerful force, and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to experience the things that I do.


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Energy Art

One of the first things I discovered about myself after my big Awakening was my ability to paint and draw energy, it was so fascinating and fun! It helped me begin to be more comfortable with giving readings to people because inside of each of the paintings, or drawings, I would not just see the energy around the people I would paint, I was also able to interpret many things about the person by looking at the art.

In the beginning I was still in completely in the closet with my ability to see clairvoyantly;  I never wanted to be intrusive to someone by just walking up and giving them a reading without them asking. As a matter of fact, at the time I didn’t know how to control the information coming in and as soon as I would look at someone I would start getting flooded with information about them and loved ones that had passed over. It wasn’t until I began work with my mentor that I learned the importance of finding my center and grounding throughout the day. Once I began doing that I stopped being so overwhelmed with what was coming through, but like I said, early on it was a different story.

At work, I would find myself running away from people and conversations because of “the flood”, it is what I referred to the information that would come through and dominate the air around me. In the evenings I spent hours upon hours painting pictures. I always gave them to their “owner” but I never told them all the things I would see or hear, I just didn’t feel that was ethical for me to do so. I still stand firmly in that belief, I will not just walk up and give someone a reading just because something starts to come through. It seems to be the popular thing among people and television these days, but it is just not something agree with for myself.

Right after I had discovered my ability to communicate with the dead we had gone to our local animal shelter. They have a program where young people can read books to the dogs and cats that have not been adopted. I thought it was a phenomenal way for my son to enjoy reading and spend time with animals, as well as giving the animals time for some social interaction. Upon entering a woman greeted us to go over our paper work, before she got her first sentences out I felt someone brush on my left shoulder, that is clue #1 that someone from her mother’s side of the family is trying to come forward. Instantly I see her mother standing over to her left smiling. The mother was going on about how she passed over, her hair was bright red and so were her cheeks. There were several reasons I didn’t just bust out with “Hey, your dead mother is standing next  you!”. The first being that I was still very insecure and unsure of myself, the second is the very conservative state I live in. If you have ever known very religious people then you’d know that they think any communication with the deceased is “of the devil”. I still wanted confirmation though, so I casually started asking questions about her, and her family. Pretty quickly she spoke about her mother and how she had passed over. I had my confirmation, and that was all I needed. I added this bit as an example of how things would happen, and why I couldn’t just come forward with the information that I knew about people, especially people in my work place, that is where almost all of my paintings went.

I have included some of my energy paintings below as an example of what comes through. When I work on them now it is usually for people that ask, so I can give them a reading with the painting. I have found the artwork to be very versatile in position, and clients will often come back mentioning things that pop out to them. It is a wonderful way to connect with the surrounding energy and I am so grateful to have this as a way of communication.

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Meditation 9.22.17


I sit in my heart when I meditate. I run light through my central channel, spend time in the Godlight, I balance, and I pretty much do all of the same things every day. After a while, sometimes I begin to receive information, but there are many days I still don’t understand everything I see.  I document it all anyway in hopes that one day I will come to know the messages that are being passed to me.

Today was no different; as the information begins to come through I pop open all the small chakras around my head. They hum in unison; it sounds amazing and still gives me goose bumps whenever I think about it. For me, sound is a big part of my learning. As someone that is losing my physical hearing, I have come to appreciate more and more the inner hearing I receive with great joy and gratitude. As the smaller chakras open, spin and start to hum I am overcome with a feeling of extreme joy and I know then that I am connecting on the level I need to be. I can see myself sitting in the wide open Universe;  my body is filled and connected to earth which is bringing in the pleasant smells of a crisp fall morning. Simultaneously I am connected to Source, which always brings in strong Feminine and Masculine energies at the same time. My body begins to go numb due to the intensity of this beautiful energy. The energy used to scare me. I always thought I was about to die or something terrible was happening, but not now. Now it feels like peace and calmness. I feel whole between the two connections of Earth and Source flowing through me. The energy looks amazing, and I see gold orbs flowing clockwise around my head. I know information is about to come in this way. My head chakras spin faster and faster, drawing in the light. Often it causes discomfort from the intensity of the light coming in, so when it happens, I ask it to slow just enough that I can continue my concentration. This time there are 12 orbs and while they all circle my head like the rings of Saturn they each spin individually in different directions. Each one is filled with information; I know the drill on this because this is usually how it happens.

The information that came through today was interesting, but like I said, I still don’t always understand it. When the individual orbs gain enough momentum to match up to the pitch of the smaller chakras they open and swirls of different light come out and fill the smaller chakras. The smaller chakras take this light in and bring it to the middle of the crown where all the information collects and settles. It looks like stardust and emits a sound that feels like pure bliss. The information travels to the heart where I can “see” it and often decipher the things coming through. Some days it is higher learning that I can understand and verbalize, but today it was mostly shapes and sound that came through. On days like this I can see certain images and a lot of times I will draw them out, so that I can understand their meaning later.

I have come to discover a lot through this process, a lot about energy channels in the body, as well as  using these images for grounding, centering or energy work. I hope one day I will be able to do the same with the different pitches, but for now, I will keep documenting the process.


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